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Wildly Free Self Paced 8-week Course

“I was once afraid of people saying ‘who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say ‘this is who I am.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I want you to live wildly free. 

I want you to live free of excuses, expectations and enemies (especially the ones that live within yourself).

I want you to live bravely in your own skin, authentic and true, wild and free.

After all, freedom is a path that you carve, a choice you make.

This course is your choice.

This is your opportunity to stand up and say ‘this is who I am.’

Because what matters most is that you fall madly in love with the imperfect woman that you are – the one who knows exactly who she is, and makes no apologies.

She’s true to herself, desperately in love with her life, and wildly free.

In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised ~ Wild Woman

Here’s what you get:

  • 38 page Wildly Free self study guide (pdf format)
  • 21 page Wildly Free Journal (pdf format)
  • Yours to keep forever so you can keep revisiting the material
  • 56 journaling prompts, 56 Inspired Action Steps, and 56 Affirmations
  • 8 weekly lessons to create your Authentic Happiness
  • Learn how to live your life by DESIGN not DEFAULT
  • Identify your values so you can live your life guided by how you want to feel
  • Build confidence and acceptance of the person you truly are
  • Learn to trust your choices and decisions (no more stuckness!)
  • Opportunity to coach with me

Self-Paced Course – $111 – $61 with coupon code WILD

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Fuck diets. The eBook. 

Yeah I said it, fuck diets.

Because they completely suck! All they do is make us starve ourselves, we are super cranky because we can’t enjoy the amazing pleasures of life (creme brûlée anyone?!) and worse, they create a shame cycle that’s nearly impossible to pull ourselves out of.

And by the way, what we look like on the outside doesn’t reflect who we are on the inside.

I’ve spent endless hours pinching every inch of body fat, weighing compulsively, and starving myself until one day I was sick of blaming myself, my body and my willpower for the diet failures…and not the diet.

So I wrote a mini 14-day guide on how to end the dieting sabotage and the crazy dieting/shaming/ridiculing/guilting/unhappy cycle of diets.

Please, don’t just read this guidebook, live it.

What you’ll get out of this awesome guide:

  • Understand how to feed and nourish your soul, and why that’s more important that real food.
  • How to love and accept your body (pssst, you cannot hate your body into change)
  • Why the number on the scale or the size of your pants means nothing.
  • How to move past the blaming and shaming and into peace around food and body.
  • The step-by-step plan to get out of the sabotaging cycle.
  • Why it’s important to loosen your grip on your weight and health goals.
  • Understand how our emotions are connected to our physical health, and exactly what to do about it
  • 14 + days of super simple, yet effective inspired action activities to take into the real world.
  • 14 + days of journaling questions to help you get to the root of your food and body concerns.
  • Additional inspiring resources given throughout the guide to keep you moving forward
  • And Love. Lots and lots of love.

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7 Day Body Love Journey 

Are you the type of gal who picks her body apart? Who just never seems to be satisfied, no matter what you weigh?

Are you constantly wanting something to change about your body?

Is it hard for you to even look at yourself in the mirror? As a matter of fact, when was the last time did look at yourself in the mirror?? 

The 7 Day Body Love Journey is for women who are ready to leave the hate and frustration for their bodies behind (once and for all!) and start loving their bodies, just the way they are, and without it needing to change it first.

Because guess what? Your body deserves love and compassion and kindness, just like everyone else’s. 

That’s right. In this 7 day introductory course, you will learn how to love the very body you have been given, in all it’s beauty and imperfections. 

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What Is Your Soul Craving? Quiz

How many times have you kept eating when you were already full? Ever opened up the fridge and not a hunger signal in sight, but for some reason you eat anyway?

Well, your Soul needs nourishment.

Find out exactly what your Soul is craving and how to get it by taking my free quiz. And get your 20-page Soul Nourishment Guide!