Can you taste it? Food freedom is right at your fingertips.  

Your Food Freedom Program is specifically designed to liberate you from dieting, the endless pressure to be different size, and to finally make peace with food.

Tell me, does this sound like you??

You’ve tried everything when it comes to diets, you always gain the weight back, you’re frustrated, fed up, tired of feeling unhappy and uncomfortable in your own skin, and the last thing you want to do is get on yet another diet.

Which is perfect because this is NOT a diet. As a matter of fact, it’s far from. 

This is not just about food and exercise, this is about your LIFE. 

This is about less worry and obsession with food and more living. 

Less shame, more love. 

This is about what we can add into your life, not take away. 

Session One: Foundational pieces & Goal setting

Who are you today, vs. who you want to be? Let’s accept that this is where you are, so you can let yourself free of wanting to be someone, or somewhere else. 

Together we will come up with a few goals so we can keep your eye on the prize. This will be your intention, your purpose, your dedication. 

Session Two: Energy & Slowing Down (Hunger & Fullness Scale) 

Let’s face it, we push ourselves so much that we barely have the energy to brush our teeth at night (only me??). Anyway, this is where you learn that slowing down is a foundational and fundamental practice. 

If you don’t slow down and gather your energy to put back into your life, it’ll be nearly impossible to get to where you want to go. Truth. 

Session Three: Beliefs (Identifying Toxic Nutritional Beliefs) 

Belief. It runs our lives and makes us who we are. What are your nutritional beliefs? Are they toxic or nutritious? Stale or full of flavor? 

Together we will identify the beliefs that you have around food and body so we can start creating new, nourishing ones. 

Session Four: Pleasure & Nourishment

My guess is that you’ve taken the pleasure out of your food. That you enjoy it for the split second you binge, and then are immediately riddled with shame. Or, you are so strict with yourself that no pleasure or happiness is allowed to the table. OR, food is energy, and that’s it. 

Whatever your relationship with food is – we are going there. And we are inviting pleasure back in. For good this time. 

Session Five: Choosing Empowerment over Sabotage Sliced artichokes

Why do we sabotage ourselves? Is it a worthiness issue? A love issue? A family issue? 

I know you’ve sabotaged yourself, and I have too. And maybe you will do it again, but this session is all about knowing how to get back on the wagon and choosing one of my 10 Empowerment Guidelines so you can always find your way back. 

Session Six: Re-assess, Celebrate & Finding Rhythm

Half way point check in. How have things progressed? What, if anything, needs to change? Let’s celebrate and maybe, just maybe, be a little bad 😉 

Session Seven: Relax, breath & release stress

We all know what a little bitch stress is. And it most likely isn’t going anywhere so we MUST figure out how to manage it head-on.

This session is a little more hands-on with some meditation techniques and some yoga postures to calm you down when stress knocks at your door.

Session Eight: Balance, Honoring Uniqueness, Fully Embodied

The truth is, you were put on this earth to be YOU. Period. So act like it!

Enough listening to what others think you should do, how the media thinks you should act, think and feel. Who would you be if you weren’t afraid of being judged, compared or worried about what others would think? 

This is you, fully expressed. 

Session Nine: Personal power = metabolic power

You are not powerless. As a matter of fact, you are the exact opposite – pure and powerful and strong. And the second you start acting like it, your metabolic power will follow. 

Power isn’t about control. It’s about surrender, it’s about loosening your grip on your goals and trusting yourself and The Universe. 

Stocksy_txpe1eff61aVyo000_Small_623881This is where we reclaim your power. 

Session Ten: Emotional metabolism

You can eat over any emotion – boredom, loneliness, anger, shame, guilt, joy, you name it. 

This is where we stop eating over the emotion and start feeling it. This is where we choose to enjoy our food, but not seek food for enjoyment.

In this session we will be uncovering what I call ‘primary food,’ the thing(s) that light you up and truly feed you. Because that is what’s truly going to nourish your life. 

Session Eleven: Life inventory – Quality 

Values. Needs. Wants. Desires. Plans. Practices. Rituals. 

We create them so you stick with them. 

Session Twelve: Celebration, Graduation & Keeping momentum

Sooooo…are you ready to take life by the horns and start making some magic happen?

Let’s talk about you. I want all the juicy details. Schedule your commitment-free no-cost Clarity Session and let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the life you want to live. Plus, I can answer any questions you may have about your badass program.


My work is my passion. Your happiness and progress is my #1 priority. So if you aren’t completely stoked about our work together in 30 days, I’ll give you your money back. That’s how sure I am that this program WILL work for you. Now there’s really no excuse. Let’s play. 



38-page Food Freedom Guidebook – yours to keep! ($300 value)

Email & phone support between sessions ($600 value)

Gift package at the beginning of each month ($200 value)

3 Payments

  • Bonus Reiki Energy Healing Session
  • Unique Holistic Happiness Journal

6 Payments

  • Bonus Reiki Energy Healing Session