Nourish Your Soul

Nourishment on the Soul level

My guess is that things you’ve tried everything when it comes to losing weight – Dieting, restricting, meal plans, exercise regimens, counting calories, counting protein, measuring, you name it. You push and fight and force to change your eating habits and change your body, but just like a rubber band, your old habits (and the weight) snap back and you end up back where you started.

I know, it’s fucking frustrating.

You’re burned out, most likely pissed off, and wondering why losing weight and loving your body has to be so damn complicated. 

The bottom line – what you’ve been doing, hasn’t been working, and it’s time to try something new. 

In Nourish Your Soul I have 3 rules:




If it isn’t sustainable, simple and Soulful, we aren’t doing it.

Here’s the thing, and I want you to listen up:

You could change your food and lifestyle and the amount of cardio you are getting in, but none of that means jack shit if you don’t get down to the Soul reasons you’ve been struggling with weight. Period.

Changing food is the easy part – that’s why everyone does it.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs – that’s what changes your life.

And thats what Nourish The Soul is all about.

So many of us are starving – starving for joy, peace and freedom.

Too many of us are stuffed – with negativity, guilt and shame.

And we are looking for the answer in all the wrong places.

What Ashley has done for me and other women is truly selfless and amazing. This is definitely what she was put here to do. My heart has opened up so much more since meeting her and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m getting excited about life again and am looking forward to continuing the journey with your guidance. – Kelly K. 

If you want to find out, youve got to go in.

Whats included:

6 month personalized program

This program is personalized to your liking. If binge eating is what you’ve struggled with then that’s where we focus. If it’s emotional eating or body shame, then that’s where we go. This is about YOU and your unique life.

Each women is different, so let’s act like it and give you what YOU need.

2 60-minute recorded sessions per month

Convenient, effective, fun. We will meet via online platform Zoom where we will peel back the layers of your life and create doable, sustainable action steps to creating your dream life. You will also receive the recordings of each session to go back and listen to at any time.

Support between sessions via Voxer

A client favorite! So much life happens outside of your program, so being able to reach out to me whenever, wherever with questions, celebrations and maybe even a little venting is pretty freaking awesome.

Nourished Soul Gifts

A coach favorite! 🙂 Session one you will get an amazing gift in the mail – why? Because you are amazing and brave and deserve to be celebrated. Each gift is specifically designed for you, your needs and desires. Boom.

Unlimited access to my library of hundreds of resources

Each month you will receive guides, journaling prompts, resources, handouts, worksheets, anything that I believe will help you in moving forward in reaching your goals.

Inspiring accountability, support, wisdom, guidance, cheerleader

You are never alone! In this program consider me your BFF for the next 6 months, cheering you on, guiding you and inspiring you when things get tough.

Bonuses! ($400 value)

36-page Food Freedom Guidebook (PDF format)

100 Questions That Will Change Your Life (PDF format)

Personalized 60-minute Self Care Soul Session 

It is my passion to teach women how to be present in their bodies, how to listen to their inner wisdom, and live an embodied, empowered life free from guilt and shame.

Click here to Nourish Your Soul + come alive in your life.