The Radical Revolution

The Bold Life: A Radical Revolution in Food Freedom, Body Acceptance + Self Love

Here’s a fact many don’t know:

The 1% of people who lose weight on a diet and keep it off, report experiencing an Internal shift – not an External one. They have shifted their relationship with food and body at an emotional, mental and/or spiritual level – not a physical one. 

I want you to make me a promise this year, a promise that I am also making myself – 

I want you to promise me that you don’t punish yourself with exercise this year. That you refuse to go on another drastic diet that invokes shame and fear, that you refuse to look at yourself in the mirror and scowl. 

Vow to make an Internal shift rather than an External one. 

Regardless if you decide to join me in The Bold Life, please, from the very bottom of my Heart and Soul, do this for YOU. 

Nothing about you needs to be “resolved” because there is not a single thing about you that needs to be fixed.

You are not broken.

Come with me – one full revolution (and then some) around the moon.

5 weeks of letting go of the dieting mentality and stepping fully into nourishment.

5 weeks of stepping into nutrition that matters and that makes sense. 

5 weeks of going deeper within yourself to gain clarity of your true nature. To gather clarity around the things that challenge you – be that food, body, or the relationship you have with yourself and others. 

Join me for a Revolution of The Soul. It’s time to be revolutionary.

I am asking you to take a different approach this year – one that is full of pleasure and ease, rather than pushing and forcing yourself, your body into being something or someone different. 

What would your life be like if today you stopped fighting your body and food and instead opened up to the concepts of food freedom, body acceptance and self love. 

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually this IS THE sustainable approach to health and happiness. 

I would love for you to ask yourself these questions: 

1. How would my life shift for the better if I finally stopped feeling so (insert emotion – crazy/shameful/out of control/pissed off/helpless) around food? 

2. How would I be showing up in my life differently if I wasn’t consumed with the way my body looked or how it’s shaped? 

3. If I were to choose Self Love today, instead of fear/shame/loathing/anxiety, and step fully into my Life, how would I be showing up differently? 

One word comes up for me: BOLD. 

If you are bold (and I can almost guarantee you are) join me today in a community of empowered women who are giving dieting and body shaming and self loathing the finger for good! 

Join The Revolution 



Option One ~ Purchase the online course with all materials and recordings

Early bird price: $111 (price goes to $211 on 5/28)

Option Two ~ Purchase online course and all materials plus 2 60-minute virtual coaching sessions with Ashley

Early bird price: $311 (price goes to $411 on 5/28) 

The Beautiful Details: 

  • 5 week online course
  • Price will never be this cheap again! 
  • Monday Miracle Messages straight to your inbox
  • Wednesday 60-minute Soul Retreat video with the lesson and wisdom of the week (recording will be sent out if you can’t make it live)
  • Friday Accountability Check in email with journaling prompts, worksheets, etc to help keep you focused and inspired.
  • Opportunity to have a “account-abili-buddy”
  • Private Facebook Page – an opportunity to send your food and body questions and have them answered LIVE
  • Guest Speakers

P.S. When you purchase the program you are also agreeing to give me feedback about the program and testimonials to use in upcoming programs. For this I will be forever grateful and you will undoubtedly reap endless positive karma from The Universe 🙂

Week One – Soul Nourishment Concepts

This week we will cover core soul nourishment concepts to create your healthy relationship with food, body + self, such as identifying toxic nutritional beliefs, understanding hunger/fullness, the art of letting go, nourishment over nutrition, eating rhythm + slowing up

Week Two – The Soul of Food Freedom

If you ask me, adjusting our diet is the easy part when it comes to creating a healthy relationship with food. And although eating healthy food is great, it’s often a distraction from the deeper causes of our struggles. This week we start to understand our relationship with food by looking at our relationship to ourselves, our lives and the people in them.

Week Three – The 4 Essential Steps To Creating Ease, Joy + Freedom In Life (and what to do when you get off track) 

This week we will be diving fully into what it means to really be nourished in life. We will also be discussing why we get off track (especially when it feels so good!) and how to make sure you circle back around to your deepest desires, intentions + healthy habits.

Week Four – Integration + Rest 

Take a break, catch up and let it all sink in.

Week Five – The Soul of Body Acceptance 

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” ~ Carl Rogers

Many of us are living on planet earth, but we have yet to fully embody our human experience. This week is all about seeing the Big Picture of Life, embodiment, opening up, and stepping softly into creating our lives from an intentional place.

Week Six – The Journey to Self Love + Awakening (Guest Speaker Jenna Teague)

The journey to self love can be a long one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start today. This week we will unpack what self love looks like for you in your life, how it’s showing up (and maybe how it isn’t) + molding our life to make time for self care + self love.

My hope for this program was to get help with learning how to eat intuitively and accept my body in a positive way. I also wanted to learn tools to deal with an upcoming visit to my parents for a week. Historically, there was a lot of body shaming at home and I wanted to “shore up” for the experience. Ashley was phenomenal!!! I didn’t know what I didn’t know! I came out of the program with the positive body image that I so desperately needed and I now have a much healthier relationship with my parents as well. Because this is a journey, I do have days where just a comment will thrust me back into negative body talk. Ashley’s tools, however, help me to snap back out of it. And for that I am ETERNALLY grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Jo G. 

Who this program IS for:

  • Women who never want to go on another blaming, shaming, disappointing diet again for the rest of their lives
  • Women who are committed to Soul healing, as well as physical healing with food and body
  • Women who want to choose nourishment over nutrition – no more being controlled by food!
  • Women who have tried every diet known to Man and still feel confused and frustrated by food
  • Women who are looking for a different, more effective and sustainable way to weight loss, health + happiness
  • Women who would love accountability and support from other like-minded women
  • The woman who is ready to let go of toxic nutritional beliefs
  • The women who is compassionate, kind and open-hearted and is looking for woman to connect with that are like her!
  • The woman who is ALL IN

Who this program is NOT for:

  • Those looking for a quick fix (heal your life in 30 days kind of bullshit). I am not claiming that you will lose weight in this program. What I am claiming is that you will learn a more effective, happy and healthy way to live out your life, regardless of how much you weigh.
  • Women who are on the fence about committing to life-long health and happiness – no biggie! I’ll be here when you feel ready 🙂 
  • Women who compare, judge and/or criticize
  • Those looking to only change the superficial/physical and not the internal/spiritual

So who’s ready to start a Radical Revolution to health, happiness and healing?

I mean, is there a better time than now??

If you’ve spent the majority of your life fighting your weight, your body, the way you look and the way you feel, let me tell you Soul Sister, it’s time to step fully into a place that can support you in creating the life you’ve always wanted.

What I can promise you is this…

It’s going to be simple. Will the process be easy? Maybe not. But we are going to break down health in a way that is digestible (literally and figuratively) so you can succeed – because that is my number one priority.

I can promise you that you will earn yourself some breathing room. That you’ll begin to take the pressure off and uncomplicate the messiness of food and body.

I can promise you that food and the way you look won’t have such a grip on you. That you’ll gain more clarity and (dare I say!) love and acceptance around food and body. 

I can promise you that you will get the support you need. I can promise you that you will have fun (because life is already serious enough!!!) and connect with women who want the same freedom that you do.

I can promise you that you will be inspired to make changes in your life not from a crazy/forcing/hateful place but one of calm/warmth/love.

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: I’ve been on soooo many diets, is this program for me?

Yes! This program is great for the chronic dieter and anyone who has struggled with their weight, food and/or body image. This program will help break that miserable, disappointing cycle of getting on a diet, eventually falling off, being completely bummed out, gaining the weight back, then starting over again. No. More. Consider this your soft place to land for 5 weeks. 

Q: I think my issue with food is buried super deep within me and I’m scared to face it. Should I still join?

Yes – with a caveat: If you feel ready to face it and you’re ready to begin to heal it. I am not a therapist, so I am not licensed to dive into specific traumas of your past that may have played a part in your food/body challenges. I am however, certified to help you understand at a deeper level how and why you got to this point, gain clarity around it, and help you create the necessary and effective steps in getting you to a more positive place with your relationship with food and body. 

Q: Getting off my diet is scary as hell to me and I am not sure I am ready to do it – what are your thoughts? 

This may not be the program for you. When I work with women, I don’t want to be working around a specific diet and/or exercise regimen. This is not ideal for me (or you) in our work together. When you are ready to step completely off the diet and trust yourself (and me) I would be more than happy to welcome you with open arms. This is a gentle reminder that, maybe it’s also time to try a different approach. How and when is up to you, darling. 

Q: I agree not to diet, but I still want to lose weight. Should I join? 

Sure! There is a possibility that weight loss will be a side effect of this program. And also, maybe not. My goal and intention for you is that you understand your dieting behavior and food and body challenges at such a deep level that you create food freedom, body acceptance and self love along the way. And may I say, I truly believe that is much more successful than any weight loss. 

And honestly, I’d be an idiot to promise you that you will lose weight in this program! Because the human body and life is such a mystery! There is a lot we know about the human body and nutrition, and there is a whole hell of a lot we don’t. I won’t be able to dive specifically into each person’s unique life and biology but I will guide YOU into doing that, which again, is much more effective because you know yourself the best – and it’s time to step into your power and trust. 

Q: I don’t struggle with my weight, but with my body image. Is this program for me? 

Yes! You may discover in this program that food and body can go hand-in-hand. We will be diving into both and connecting the possible dots along the way 🙂 

Q: I won’t be able to attend the Wednesday Soul Retreat – will there be a recording available? 

Yep, not to fret! Each participant will get a recording of the Wednesday Soul Retreat to watch whenever it works for them.


What Ashley and this program has done for me and these women is truly selfless and amazing. This is definitely what she was put here to do. My heart has opened up so much more since meeting with her and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m getting excited about life again and looking forward to continuing the journey with her guidance. Big, big hugs to you – this is an awesome program!! ~ Lisa R.