Your Most FAQs

Why did you name your business Unique Holistic Happiness? I don’t get it.

I get this questions A LOT. Because it’s not a ‘normal’ name for a business like Wellness By Ashley, many people don’t understand what I do just by the name. Here’s the long and short of it: When I was coming up with a name for my business I started brainstorming words that I liked the sound of and that resonated with me. I also made lists of words of how people described me.

Then I started getting clear on my personal and business values. I asked questions like, what’s important to me? What change do I wish to see in the world? What can I not live without? And slowly but surely, the name started to uncover itself.

I revel in the fact that I am unique and different, and I knew that needed to be a foundational piece to my business. I think we can all get stuck in comparing one another, trying to live up to other’s expectations, and wear different masks for different people and situations. I think this is an epidemic in our country, especially now with the overwhelming popularity and obsession with social media.

I am aaaaalll about creating a safe space for you to discover who you authentically are. This means listening to your body, your heart and being led by your unique gifts, personality and purpose.

After all, a business who’s mission is grounded in authenticity and uniqueness, must also have a unique name. 

Holistic: It wasn’t until I was sicker than a dog with ruthless joint pain, digestive issues, acne, fatigue, cravings, anxiety and depression that I finally decided to try a holistic approach to healing.

I never looked back.

After tweaking my diet to fit my lifestyle and figuring out what foods worked for me, I started discovering and learning about how all aspects of our life are connected. I was already seeing the positive impact of creating a healthy diet, but I knew there was more to it. It was then that I set out to see how I could improve all areas of my life ~ my relationships, career, my spiritual practice, home environment, creativity, hobbies and emotional wellbeing.

I was on a woman on a mission, determined to increase her health and my happiness, and I’ll be darned if that isn’t exactly what I created.

And lastly, who the hell doesn’t want to be happy? That, of course, is the ultimate goal.

I am obsessed with happiness. I have studied hours and hours of positive psychology and consider myself a natural optimist. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Our thoughts create our reality.

What do you tell someone who’s scared to make the necessary changes to live an authentic, healthy life?

This is, sadly, an incredibly common experience. I spent many years of my life scared to make the necessary changes to live my true, authentic life. Looking back, I know I wasted so much time stuck in fear. And don’t get me wrong, I can still go there, the only difference is now I have to tools to get me out of it sooner.

Step One: Know that fear is not going anywhere. Fear is a fact of life, so it’s essential that we stop avoiding it.

Step Two: Get clear on why it’s important for you to live a healthy, happy, abundant life. I often ask people ‘what’s your why?’ What are you losing by not stepping into the life you were meant to live?

Our ‘why’ often keeps us motivated and moving in the right direction.

Step Three: Get support. Seriously. This is most important step. I didn’t start making headway with my fear until I, 1) Hired a coach to keep me accountable and moving forward, 2) Created a Women’s Wellness & Empowerment group that met once a month, was a safe place to be vulnerable and know I wasn’t alone, and 3) Started being honest and speaking up about my fear. Fear often lives with shame, and as Brene Brown says “Shame cannot exist when it is spoken.”

BONUS ~ Read Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Sure to change your life.

My life/eating/relationships/career is out of control. How do I get my sanity back?

The honest truth is, start taking responsibility for your life.

What if I want to work with you but can’t afford it?

I get it, believe me.

When it comes to what we feel we can and can’t afford, it all comes back to our beliefs about money.

Do you believe there’s never enough? That money is to be saved, not spent? Do you trust yourself with money?

What price would you put on your health? Your happiness? Think about it – what would you be willing to pay and what message is that sending?

I never want money to be the reason why people can’t work with me, but I also think there is something to be said about being brave and investing in your life, your health, your happiness.

If you truly want to be happy, healthy and free, you do what it takes. You stop drinking coffee, limit going out to one night a week, you meditate, you ask for help, you get a credit card, you make it work. Lots of people do.

Why not you?

My Wildly Free journaling eCourse is a great way to get familiar with me and my work, and start making amazing changes in your life. It’s affordable, yet profound. Take it seriously. It launches June 7! Stay in the loop (and get the early bird discounted price!) by signing up for my newsletter!

In the end you have 3 choices: invest in your health and happiness, do it yourself, or do nothing.

Who’s your favorite person to work with?

The woman who is absolutely ready and committed to her health and her life. The woman who is ready to be brave and bold. The one who, regardless of how ‘hard’ it could be, is ready to step fully into her life.

What inspires you?

This guy.

This placeThis chick.

These gals.

Escaping to far away places. Going to personal development seminars. Books, lots of books. Doing something that terrifies me. Teaching. Learning. Writing. The ocean. The woods. Poetry. Music. Magic. YOU.

Failure. How do you handle it?

Sheesh. If it wasn’t for Brene Brown I would say I handle failure by avoiding it.

But after reading her book, Rising Strong, I’ve learned that falling flat on your face, is a necessary experience, and if you want to live a powerful, authentic and brave life you have to take risks. You have to experiment and be curious.

I am not saying that failure doesn’t suck.

It’s not about falling, it’s about how you get back up.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

You’re not fat. How can you relate to my struggle of being overweight?

Your experience with food and body is a completely unique experience from mine, or anyone else’s for that matter.

Because I am considered a healthy weight doesn’t mean that I haven’t struggled with the painful experience of hating my body, desperately trying to change it, fighting my appetite, restricting my food, and emotionally eating – just to name a few.

I would encourage anyone (at all times) to refrain from judgement and accept that we all struggle. And struggle shows up differently for everyone – in their weight, their relationships, finances, body image, eating, mental illness, you name it.

Suffering is a human experience.

And not to toot my own horn, but I have also been described by many clients as ‘an incredibly relatable and non-judgemental person.’

I consider it one of my gifts that I easily accept, love and empathize with damn-near everyone.

What do you eat? Are you vegetarian?

Nope, not vegetarian, although I did try it for about a month but I didn’t feel good. There’s a good chance I was doing it wrong 🙂

I consider myself mostly pescetarian (vegetarian but I eat fish).

I drink wine. I eat candy. But I mostly eat clean 🙂

The most important part – it works for me and my life. 

When I feel inspired and ready, I take my eating to the next level by maybe cutting back on my candy consumption, not drink for a couple weeks or I do a cleanse.

I don’t do anything extreme and I don’t ask my clients to either. I try my hardest to practice what I preach, all in moderation.

Why yoga?

Why not yoga?

But seriously, I believe that yoga can be a catalyst for lasting health and happiness. I also acknowledge that yoga isn’t for everyone, but encourage everyone to at least try it.

Yoga is for everyone. Period.

Find the right teacher. Find the right studio. Have an open mind. Let go of judgment and allow yoga to be a way to slow down, find gratitude, build a loving relationship with yourself and gain clarity in your life.

If you’re curious about learning more about yoga, sign up for a private session with me. It’ll be awesome. Or check out one of my workshops.

Why do you swear so much?

Totally valid question. Actually I try not to swear when it’s wildly inappropriate (after all, I do have a 2-year-old niece who is starting to repeat everything I say), but I think I swear mostly when I am talking about something I feel wildly passionate about. And secondly, because it feels good. And it’s all about feeling good.

I think there is a trashy way to swear and a classy way to swear – I try to keep my swearing classy 😉

(P.S. I apologize if my swearing offends you. We all get to choose who we are, and this is who I am. I invite you to do the same.)

How can I love my body?

The short answer: Accept your body exactly how it is in this very moment. Acknowledge the fact that every choice that you have made has created the body and life that is now your reality. Stop running from your body. Stop trying to change it. Start with radical acceptance. This is THE essential first step to body love.

In 3 words describe the “Authentic Ashley.”



Wildly Passionate.

Ashely is vibrant and full of life and I appreciate her openness and honesty about her own journey and passion for helping others achieve that freedom!! ~ Annette B.