Hey there, darling!

I want you to know a little something –

You are unique. And that’s freaking awesome. You are different. And that’s a celebration. You are capable. Of self-love. Of happiness. Of health. Of undeniable abundance.

And that’s the truth.

You may feel like you’ve tried everything. But you wanna know what?

You haven’t tried this:

an approach that teaches you to honor your body wisdom, to identify what heals you in mind, body + soul. 

An approach that doesn’t revolve around meal plans, 60 minutes of cardio, Paleo or Atkins, or a douchebag trainer bossing you around telling how much protein to eat. Our approach to health and happiness is all about sustainability, body trust and self love. 

It’s about nourishment. There’s a bigger definition to health than weight.

Creating a healthy soul, a healthy mindset and a healthy relationship to life, love and food is just as important as creating a healthy body. And I’m here to teach you just that.

My goal, my hope and my wish for you is this:

That you are happy, healthy and fulfilled in the highest authentic expression of who you truly are in mind, body + spirit while on this earth.

An authentic, passionate, foul-mouthed Coach and Yoga Teacher from the Pacific Northwest with a very memorable name.

I teach millennials how to create an authentic, fulfilling life that is bursting at the seams with joy, radically love themselves and their bodies and become the healthiest version of themselves. 

And I am 100% committed to helping you live a fun-filled, happy, unique life.

So I have a confession: For so many years of my life, I completely hated and fought my body. I tried every diet, every scam and read every book. I had no idea who I was as a woman, nor had any idea who I wanted to be. I was lost. I listened to what other people thought was best for me, made every decision based out of fear and put everyone in my life first. The sad thing is I am probably one of millions of women who experienced this.

On the outside, everything looked fine. I truly had it all…

An ultra supportive family, independence, a great career, amazing friends, you name it. But I was so unhappy! I wanted more, but what?? It wasn’t until a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis at 23 that I was catapulted into changing how I was living my life.

(Side mention: The Universe always gives you what you need). 

As a ‘perfectly healthy, thin and athletic young lady’ (that’s what my doctor told me) I couldn’t fathom the thought of taking medication for the rest of my life. So I started with the one thing I knew I could control – my diet.

Through ups and downs, spurts of anxiety and insatiable cravings, self judgement and lots of digestive upset, I finally figured out what worked for me – which resembled nothing close to Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, Whole 30, or any other diet for that matter. It was my diet. It was movement that I liked, on my terms and felt good in my body.

But health is so much more than diet and exercise. 

It was the healthy, fulfilling relationships that I chose, it was a spiritual practice that I could lean on and ground me. It was making time for things that I love (what I call primary food), creating a home environment that nourished me, a career that fed me, and really figuring out who the hell I was and what I needed. It was figuring out what worked in my life. No one else’s. I learned that I was the decision maker in my life, that my health and happiness was my responsibility, and that I was absolutely capable of creating it (and so are you).


1. Despite my parents being married for 40 years, I didn’t believe in marriage until I met my husband.

2. Biggest guilty pleasure: I am a concert junkie. Check out my latest craze.

3. I once bungee jumped off a bridge backwards and screamed ‘fuck you!’ while flipping off the confused (yet amused) audience – just because it’s kind of funny to do awkward things sometimes. And I’m weird. And I was dared. Thumbs up).

4. Biggest accomplishment: starting and keeping my business for 4 years now, regardless of the hardship, heartache and hiccups.

5. I love to dance on tables and give the finger during pictures, because…why not?? (living wildly free is my motto, by the way).

6. Biggest confession: I still struggle with self doubt, fear of failure, and not feeling good enough. It’s a continuous, beautiful practice.

7. What makes my world go ’round: coffee, wine, journaling, walking by the ocean, adventures to far-away places, learning, my blankie, being unapologetically me, these chickslive music, deep conversations, connecting with badass women, nature and trusting The Universe.  

8. I probably cuss more than I should.

9. I’m known by close friends as ‘Balls.’ True Story.

10. My biggest fear – that I won’t be able to do, see or be all that I want while on this earth.

11. My biggest hope – that I do. And that we all do.

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